For Norvegian Greyhound Magazine Greetings from Russian greyhound lovers! There are not too many of us but we are very active and have inquiring mindsJ We are glad to share with you our success and plans for the future.

This cynologic year has turned out to be saturated with important events. Young beautiful greyhounds are actively continuing their show careers. Their breeding is scheduled in the future. And we have already got several litters from older greyhounds this year.

First of all, a very important event was a birth of puppies from an imported American couple in the ņrtefakt kennel (Russian, Chernogorian, Belarus Ch. Hyperion's High Society Multi Ch., Club Ch. Cyrano's Red Ryder). It was the first Russian litter of show greyhounds of such high quality. All nine puppies were sold in no time and now are growing up looking forward to come out into society. A white with red male and a red female went to Finland. Others stayed in Russia and we hope they will become a great basis for the further breeding of greyhounds in this country.

The next interesting littler was out of Noblegrey Mac Gregorís daughter, who was mated with English dog Gaysyde Christmas Spirit. Several puppies from this litter even exceed our expectations and we are pleased to follow their harmonious development.

Another kennel, Tatanka Vitka, run an adventurous experiment of tight linebreeding on Gaysyde Christmas Spirit. The aim was reached Ė they received several puppies very typical for this line.

In next two yeras we are planning to mate some interesting young females. Severny Elf Danaya, the red daughter of Gaysyde Christmas Spirit, got all possible titles for such a young female. She became Rus Junior Ch., European Junior Winner-2003, champion of 3 countries and 5űCACIB. Now she is getting ready for mating abroad with the sire related of bloods in kennel My —amelot.

It is also possible that the elegant Black-brindle American Hyperion Midnight Garden (Russian Junior Champion, Russian, Lithuanian, Slovakian Champion, Champion of National Club,2 x Speciality BIS) will be mated in this time. A search for a new eligible and deserving male for Hyperion's High Society is still carried out too. This bitch proved to be an excellent mother and will be definitely mated again.

There are only few of breeders in Russia and all of them have their own priorities in types and bloods of their greyhound. However, we have already collected the best representatives of show greyhounds and understand that now we should work on a great breeding basis. Later we will have to join our efforts to combine various lines.

So you see that we have a lot of plans and hope we will be able to bring them to life. However, we may soon face a big problem connected with new rules of importing pets into EU countries. More precisely I am talking about the necessary rabies tests, which canít be done in Russia yet because no laboratory is included in the LIST OF RABIES TESTING AUTHORISED LABORATORIES (though they can perform these tests). If this problem is not solved, we would not be able to go to shows, mate our dogs abroad or send our puppies to countries that are members of the EU. Hopefully, this issue will be settled soon.

Now let me say a few words about leisure time with greyhounds in Russia. Hunting is allowed in Russia and many people here traditionally believe that hunting with hounds is especially spectacular and aesthetically beautiful. However, in our conditions it can lead to more injuries for our dogs. That is why the majority of Russian owners of show greyhounds prefer not to go to field trials but stay home. At the same time, greyhounds of working blood lines (including ones imported from very good working kennels) are very successful in hunting and keep winning hearts of passionate Russian hunters.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to arrange good coursing trainings and not possible to organize good track racings.

What else we can with our greyhounds? Obedience, agility and other popular ďdogĒ sports. But most of us consider SHOWS to be the most interesting and quality events that combine elements of show and sport.

Best wishes from Moscow, Arkhipova Katya and Greyhounds in Russia
November, 2004

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