Recently show greyhounds have been enjoying an increasing interest in Russia. Of course we, as breeders and fans of these wonderful dogs, are happy to see it. 
It is possible that it is going on not only because people have suddenly changed their attitude but also because of active participation and wins of Russian greyhounds exported from the USA, England, Scandinavia and their offspring at shows of various ranks. 

Nowadays a rare show sees no greyhounds. These dogs have taken their well-earned place at the Best positions regularly winning BIG and BIS.

A big role in attraction of Russian greyhound owners to participation in shows was played by the National Greyhound Club. In the late 2004, the Club was reorganized. Now it is headed by people who are really enamored with this breed and who are ready to work hard to make it popular in Russia and to present our dogs abroad. The president of the Club is Rumiya Feizulova (ARTEFAKT kennel), Vice-presidents are Ekaterina Arkhipova (kennel FIONN CLANN) and Elena Kolpakova (kennel HEPI HEPRI). Starting from January of 2005, several Specialty shows took place in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Pskov under the aegis of the NKP Greyhound. Breeders and owners from Russia, Finland and Belorus took part in them.

NKP Greyhound 2005 Championship was held simultaneously with Russia’2005 CACIB-show. This show registered a record number of greyhounds, 33; it is twice as much as at CACIB at that same day.

Theo Kjellstrom (USA) was a strict judge at CACIB Russia. 
BOS - SBIS, Int, Rus, Pl,Lith, Mold, Club Ch, Vice-European Winner-2000, Baltic Winner-99 CYRANO'S RED RYDER

It is a very honorable win for these two dogs. Hyperion Midnight Garden is a young mother who recently gave birth and nursed 9 puppies; CYRANO'S RED RYDER is a veteran, who will be 9 years old soon, passed his young rivals. 

Expertise at the NKP Greyhound Championship was carried out by Milevoe Uroshevich (Slovenia). The dogs from the Fionn Clann and Hepi Hepri kennels as many other Russian bred dogs (Russian bitches and foreign dogs) took active part in the show. In the work class one could see race line dogs. Almost the whole first “American” litter, Cyrano’s Red Ryder x Hyperion’s High Society (Artefakt kennel) participated in the event (excluding dogs imported to Finland). see results >>

In the future we are planning to actively participate not only in Russian shows but also in shows held in other countries. We hope that many of our young greyhounds will have a good showing at the Eurodogshow and World Championship in 2006. 

Along with these participations we are going to breed show greyhounds. In May of 2005 we got the second “American” litter in Russia. This time the interesting combination was made by Katya Arkhipova (FIONN CLANN kennel) - SBIS Rus Slovak Lit Ch HYPERION MIDNIGHT GARDEN õ Multy Ch. WINDROCK FERNANDO. Puppies from this litter are currently living in 5 countries. We are looking forward to their debuts at shows held in Russia, Europe and the USA. The matting of Int Rus Ch, Belarus, Mold, Chr, Club Ch HYPERION'S HIGH SOCIETY (Artefakt kennel) is planned for March of 2006. Other Russian kennels also have very interesting plans. 

In conclusion it has to be mentioned that greyhounds have found a new home in Russia. This breed has success and well-being in store for it because we not only have a large number of dogs but also enjoy great resources and interesting plans.
We hope to hold large Specialty Shows and invite experts in our breed for cooperation. We also hope that it will be more and more interesting to judge at our shows. Besides, Russians are very hospitable people and visits to this country can be pleasant and fascinating. Welcome to our shows!

National Greyhound Club
Moscow, Russia
October 2005

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