Russian Greyhound pages:

Greyhounds "Artefakt"
Greyhounds "Viktory Sprint"
Greyhounds "Krisolina"
Greyhounds of Polina Deul

Greyhounds "Tatanka Vitka"
Greyhounds "Fionn Clann"
Greyhounds "Hapi Hapri"
Greyhounds на ”рале
Greyhound Kimsar Small Talk and
an Italian Greyhound

Russian Sighthound pages:

Dioskury Salukis
Manitias borzois in Russia
Reedly Road pharaoh hounds
Borzoi Romanovs
Borzois from St.Petersburg
Borzois Vega Shelk
Italian Greyhounds Bel Etual
International Borzoi Club
Sighthounds World at
Irish Wolfhounds in Russia
Whippets "Krasnaya Strela"
Sighthounds in St. Petersburg

Russian sites about other breeds:

Greyhound Bags
Tarantina English Setters 
Dioskury Irish Setters

Greyhounds from all over the World

Breed clubs and sites about the breed:

Romanian Sighthounds
Everything about Greyhounds
Early Neurological Stimulation
Greyhound Database (Germany)
Greyhound Links (USA)
Greyhound Pedigrees-online
Finnish Greyhound Club
Finnish Kennel Club

French Greyhound Club
Swedish Greyhound Club
Show-Greyhounds in Europe
Slovakian sighthounds

Greyhound kennels:

Greyhounds Airy Elfs (Latvia)
Greyhounds and Siberian Huskies Andy's Joy (Finland)
Greyhounds Attimo Fugente Kennel (Italy)
Greyhounds Bakara (France)
Greyhounds Barnesmore and Whippets (Ireland)
Bleu Manoir (France)
Greyhounds Bohmar Kennel (Czech)

Greyhounds Bokomaro(Poland)
Greyhounds Decuma (Czech)
Greyhounds Epic Kennel (Sweden)
Greyhounds Estetclassic (Estonia)
Greyhounds Hernehill Abbey (Austria)
Greyhounds FI-IT (Czech Republic)
Gaia (USA)
Gruagach Irish Wolfhounds & Greyhounds
Greyhounds, Borzoi & Italian J.A.Y. (Japan)
Greyhounds JD (Great Britain)
Greyhounds Joasis (Finland)
Greyhounds Imladris (Poland)
Greyhounds Karkati (Switzerland)
Greyhounds Kenzongos (Finland)
Greyhounds Kiltown Abbey (Italy)
Greyhounds Kimsar (Finland)
Greyhounds Les Legendes du Moyen-Age (France)
Letsgo (Norway)
Greyhounds Nice's (latvia)
Greyhounds and Whippets Shalfleet (UK)
Greyhounds Showline (Norway)
Greyhounds Telegram (Norway)
Greyhounds Rantalaukan (Finland)
Greyhounds Whiptails (Finland)
Greyhounds Ypsylon (Poland)


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